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Tradition and ceremony connects us not only to our past, but to our future as well. In affirming and understanding where we have come from, we are in a position to see where we might go. Ceremony is about acknowledging times of change – endings and beginnings. Birth, marriage and death are all times of major change in our lives but there are many others that we face throughout life. Tradition is, of its very nature, something that is acquired over time. Traditions endure because they have a strong basis of support built into the communities that sustain them. In all communities and cultures, some reflective, repeated gestures are taken to be symbolic of those culture’s values. At White Light, our Principal Celebrants can help you with ceremony, ritual and celebration throughout our lives, from its beginning…. to its end. We are based in Devon, but are willing to travel to your celebration.

    Babies, Birth and Naming Ceremonies

    Birthdays, Coming of age, Anniversaries

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    Weddings, Civil Ceremonies and Love


   Divorce, Separation and Annullment

    Funerals, Memorials and Scattering Ashes

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