As we get older

Ageing is not just a biological process, it is more significantly, a cultural one. Attitudes to old age in the west, tend to focus on comparisons with youth, where youth is valued as a time of hope, energy and life and where old age is more to do with aging and death. These cultural perspectives can have a significant impact on our lives and our experience of getting older.

Psychologist Erik Erickson argued that the Western fear of aging keeps us from living full lives. “Lacking a culturally viable ideal of old age, our civilization does not really harbor a concept of the whole of life,” he wrote.

There are cultures where age is celebrated in all its glory, either through words or celebrations. For example, in Greece older people are honoured and, respect for elders is central to the family. Elder Greek men are called ‘old man’ as a mark of respect. In Korea, family members celebrate the 60th or 70th birthdays of their parents with huge parties. For many Buddhists and Pagans, ‘crone’ is a term of respect for older women and often celebrated in relation to the wisdom and knowledge they have gained, over the many decades of their life.

At White Light, we can help you to celebrate all the important stages of your elder years whether it is in honour of your role as new Grandparents, a celebration for your retirement, the beginning of your year-long adventure abroad (adult gap year), a significant birthday, or even the sharing of your ‘bucket list’ with friends and family.

 Celebrating Womanhood / Croning / Wise Woman

A celebration for a woman who has moved past mid-life and who acknowledges her survivorship, embraces her age, learns from the examined experiences of her life


Travelling and Emigration

 Vow Renewals

Big Birthdays


Weddings, friendships, work, anything!

 Becoming Grandparents