End of life

Funerals with White Light

Sociologists, anthropologists and counsellors generally believe that humans have a deep need to find their psychological moorings after a death in the family or community. Gathering with others helps us manage our experience with death and begin the process of adapting to the loss.

Effective funeral ceremonies can provide a socially sanctioned way for mourners to say to one another, the things, perhaps, that they never found the opportunity to share with the deceased: how his or her life actually impacted on the lives of those who are left. Additionally, there is value to saying these words aloud in the funeral; whether they are expressed in the eulogy, the minister’s words, a life tribute video, or the shared memories of people who attend.

Funeral Celebrants

Each individual death and the funeral or memorial which follows can be a critical event in the life of the family involved. Often, sadly, it is not until after the funeral or memorial that grieving families realise that the ceremony could have involved more choice and more options.

Some of the services we offer are below, but if you have any other ideas, we will do our best to accommodate and help you celebrate your loved one’s life, your way:


We can help create a funeral/memorial ceremony which gives thanks for, celebrates and honours the life of the family member or loved one. Such services may, or may not, include aspects and components of “traditional” religious ceremonies according to the beliefs, values and wishes of the deceased, their relatives and friends.


We can help with ideas on music, readings and tributes and also provide suggestions, if appropriate, to create a unique ceremony that’s absolutely fitting for the person who has died and the circumstances.

    Anniversary/Service of Remembrance

We can help you celebrate your loved one’s life on the anniversary of their death, or perhaps with a Service of Remembrance.

   Resting of the Ashes Ceremonies

A ceremony for scattering or interning  of ashes, wherever your loved one’s favourite place was, the cemetery, Garden of Remembrance or at sea.

    Recognising loss

A ceremony to help with closure and moving on, to help you come to terms with your bereavement and the grieving process.