Public Speaking and Speech Support


Traditionally, there are 3 main speech-givers at a wedding – the father of the bride, the best-man and the groom. However, these days, things are changing and almost anyone could be called upon to speak, not only at the wedding reception but also at the wedding ceremony itself.

The bride often wants to give a speech and the bridesmaids may also have something they would like to contribute. In fact, having the wedding of your dreams could mean that everyone says something, or even nothing at all.

Recently, I watched a wedding on TV which had no officiant, priest or celebrant; members of the family from both sides designed and conducted the marriage of their daughter and son, making it a truly personal and beautifully unique occasion.

Having said that, many family life rituals and ceremonies we hold these days, also involve someone speaking, or the delivery of a speech; funerals, birthday celebrations, retirements – the list can go on.

Writing and delivering a speech can be a daunting proposition! Many of us have fears that we will be unable to speak on the day as a result of nerves. We may also have fears about saying what we want to say.

Well, fear not!

We can help with:

Structuring and writing the speech

Using visual aids

Ideas for creativity

Managing your nerves

Delivering your speech


White Light Celebrants are experienced public speakers who can support you with all the help you need. You will be able to stand up and deliver a truly interesting and memorable speech, which will be the pride of both you, and the hosts, and will delight your audience and keep them spell-bound!