Throughout Life

A ‘Rite of Passage’ is a ceremony or ritual which marks the transition from one stage of life to another, as from adolescence to adulthood. The most recognised rites of passage are often seen as marriage, child birth and death but there are many more. The ceremonies or rituals which accompany these life-changing events mark and give meaning to our passage through life, our identity and our position in the community.

There are many, many life changing events that we often celebrate in one way or another, some consciously and some unconsciously; and sadly, some we do not mark at all. At White Light, we aim to help people identify and celebrate the significant events in their lives whether the ceremony or ritual is for a person alone, or with family, friends and communities. Our goal is to support you in honouring and marking where you have been and celebrating the next stage of your life. We can help make your rites of passage events, into truly beautiful occasions which will live in your memory and those you love, for the rest of your life.

Modern day rites of passage can include any number of significant events, and we can help you celebrate them including:

 Living Family Celebration

A ceremony connecting families and children, ideal following a wedding where there are children from both sides. This ceremony can also be used when adopting

Coming of Age

Sweet 16, 18th & 21st birthdays, puberty and first menstruation


School, College, University and passing exams


Travelling, leaving or returning, and Gap-Year travels

Coming Out

Coming out to your family, friends and communities

Business or Team Induction

Corporate events, new businesses, or business milestones or anniversaries


Celebrating your first job in a new career, milestones in your working life or promotions


Big birthdays or small


Weddings, careers, friendships…

 Divorce and Annulment

Ceremonies acknowledging  annulment, uncoupling  and separation

Home blessings/ dedications

Ceremonies for new homes and dwellings

 Home Releasing

A cleansing ceremony for a new home